Jews in France whine about not receiving money from goyim

Why on Earth do they have a “Jewish sports association”? Are there sports associations for the ethnic French? No – that would be “racist”! The Jews not only want to keep their double standards, they want you to pay for it, too.

So [Jew Jean-Marc] Krief was dismayed to learn that government officials in southern France were stripping the Marseille branch of the Jewish sports association of longstanding state subsidies because of its “religious affiliations,” as one official put it.

Krief, who met his wife 10 years ago on a hiking trip organized by Maccabi Marseille, says the association’s local branch used to receive about $3,000 annually from the regional government. After several inquiries, he was told that to preserve its funding, the organization would have to include non-Jews on its board. […]

French Jewish organizations have long relied on public assistance to finance their core operations.


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