Jewish “conservatives” urge Obama to open the borders

Support for open borders spans the Jewish political spectrum, from the far left to the neoconservative right. So it’s no surprise that Jewish  “conservatives” are urging support for Obama’s upcoming “comprehensive immigration reform.”

A former Jewish speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Noam Neusner, urges Obama to push for one more “big legislative ambition: immigration reform.” […]

Jews have been at the forefront of liberalizing America’s immigration laws. Our unrecognizable country is an unmeltable conglomeration of ethnic cultures and peoples due in large part to Jewish activists who remain busy transforming a predominantly European nation into a “diverse” non-White disaster.

When it comes to assimilation, the [Zionist] experience for some strange reason differs from the American “tradition” of embracing foreigners. Rather than welcoming illegal immigrants from Africa, [Israel] is sending them home (“Israel African Immigration Deportations to Send Thousands Back Home“).

The Occidental Observer

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One Response to Jewish “conservatives” urge Obama to open the borders

  1. torinclinton says:

    I think that America should follow Isreal’s example and maintain a exclusive closed border policy. Open borders have ruined the town that I was born in and now a White Woman can not walk down the street in safety without being fully armed.

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