Epidemic of child molestation in Rockland County

Two haredim [ultra-Orthodox Jews] in bedroom suburbs of New York City got sweetheart plea deals earlier this week from judges in Rockland County. Both haredim pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse charges – one of them involving anal rape. But even though one of those cases involves repeated anal rape of the child, neither haredi man will serve any time in prison.

Failed Messiah

Who are these gentlemen?

Rabbi Moishe Turner

Rabbi Moishe Turner had anal sex with a 14 year old boy

Herschel Taubenfeld

Herschel Taubenfeld, guilty of forcibly touching a young boy

Several other cases in connection with this are mentioned in the article at “Failed Messiah”:

David Kohn

David Kohn had oral sex with a 12 year old girl

Shmuel Dym

Shmuel Dym sexually abused a young boy

The Jewish District Attorney Thomas Zugibe is accused of being very soft on these vomit-inducing pedophile Jews:

Thomas Zugibe is the district attorney in Ramapo. There were a number of molesters reported in Monsey and New Square, and even some arrests, but everything was whitewashed and the cases vanished.

Here is a list, with images, of earlier cases of child molesting Jews.

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  1. Hyperborean says:

    Don’t forget the molesting that goes on during Jew circumcisions. The mohel actually put his mouth on the boy’s penis to suck the blood out.

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