After Jewish pressure, France orders Twitter to identify thought criminals

Jewish activists and organizations are always looking to silence dissidents.

A French court ruled Thursday that Twitter must help identify the authors of racist tweets posted on its site. The ruling follows a complaint brought by an activist group in October that argued such tweets breach laws against inciting racial hatred.


This activist group is the aggressive Jewish organization, Union of Jewish Students (UEJF). Why do they want the personal information of people who criticise Jewry or who are not ashamed of their European ancestry?

The vice president of the Jewish organization,¬†Sacha Reingewirtz, says that the ruling is a “major precedent and breakthrough in the attempt to balance privacy online with the need to combat hate speech”, while Nuno Wahnon Martins at B’nai B’rith International, the oldest Jewish organization in the world, approves of this censorship and says that social networks need to “deny those who spread hate speech in anonymity as something to hide behind.”

After Jewish pressure, France orders Twitter to identify thought criminals

Enemy Jew Sacha Reingewirtz

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, also approves and adds that the EJC will try to establish this system of thought control in all of Europe.

Twitter is ordered to make it possible for users to “flag anti-Semitic content, which would be reviewed by Twitter before removal and possible referral to the authorities.”

Obviously, anti-European tweets will still be protected speech.

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7 Responses to After Jewish pressure, France orders Twitter to identify thought criminals

  1. Marie Cachet says:

    Because they want to beat them (ten against one of course).

  2. Hyperborean says:

    This sort of thing really angers me. Jews whine and the socialists and Christians shit themselves to appease their masters.

  3. I updated the article. The UEJF is not alone in support this ruling.

  4. Marie Cachet says:

    By the way, the tweets were jokes of the same kind as those we can see every day about blonde girls…

  5. rgr says:

    If you held the herbs to this same standard, Haaretz, the NY Times, Wash Post, BBC, etc., would be cited daily as producing “hate speech”!

  6. Daniel C. Reiter (formerly dcreiter) says:

    This shit just makes my blood boil! They CANNOT silence us!

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