Russia calls for an international ban on racism

Russia proposed a resolution in the UN “condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology [sic] and denial of German Nazi war crimes” but not, however, attempts to glorify communism or the denial of Russian communist crimes. The proposal also called for a universal adoption of the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination”. This convention, among other things, calls for states to criminalize racist organizations and racist views.

RT notes that “Moscow proposes similar documents to the UN General Assembly annually.”

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Counter-Currents still promoting deranged freak James O’Meara

Who is James O’Meara? A writer who is frequently published and promoted on Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents.

Take a look at O’Meara’s Blogger profile. Note especially how he lists “homosexuals as a natural elite” as an “interest”. He used to have this picture on the profile:

james omeara Counter Currents still promoting deranged freak James OMeara

He now has another, almost as disgusting image on the profile page.

Then take a look at O’Meara’s Flickr account. The caption to one of the images is “Madam Cole de Sade whips my ass”.

This should tell you enough about him – and we have not even quoted his articles. (Read this to get an idea of the lunacy he believes in.)

Now the question is – why is this transvestite subversive still heavily promoted at Counter-Currents, which is supposedly a White nationalist site?

Why do their readers tolerate it?

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Luciana Berger puts British man in jail for thought crime

luciana berger Luciana Berger puts British man in jail for thought crime

The 21-year-old British nationalist Garron Helm was sentenced to four weeks in prison for calling Labour MP Luciana Berger a Jewess on Twitter.

The Guardian says:

[Helm] tweeted a picture of the MP with a Holocaust yellow star superimposed on her forehead, with the hashtag “Hitler was right”. The tweet, which referred to Berger as a ‘‘communist jewess”, read: “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”

For this “crime” Helm was sentenced to prison. Berger was satisfied, saying:

This sentence sends a clear message that hate crime is not tolerated in our country. I hope this case serves as an encouragement to others to report hate crime whenever it rears its ugly head.

In today’s Britain, it is against the law to not like Jews.

This is not the first time a man is punished for insulting Berger. In 2014, a music promoter was fined for an “antisemitic tirade” against her at the Liverpool Music Awards.

Berger was previously director of Labour Friends of Israel and a committee member of London Jewish Forum.

Jews are working hard to suppress criticism of international Jewry by any means. Recently, the Conference of European Rabbis held a meeting in Georgia where they called on governments to make further laws against “antisemitism”, i.e. criticism of Jews.

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