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Almost everyone in the Counterjihad movement prefers to avert their eyes from these facts. I refuse to. Counterjihadists complain about the unwillingness of the mainstream media to acknowledge facts that challenge their preconceptions. Yet they themselves exhibit exactly the same tendencies when confronted with evidence that takes them out of their comfort zone.

Jewish Collaboration with Muslims During the Invasion of Spain (note the butthurt JIDF in the comment section)

Here I will demonstrate that the nascent Russian imperial state and their Novorussian proxies are not friends or allies of European Nationalists or of “far-right” ideology. I will further refute the notion that the Ukrainian Nationalists and patriots are somehow all Jews, or supporters of Zionism, or desirous of union with the Atlanticist powers.

Novorussia, Atlanticists, And Ukrainian Nationalists

novorussia Two articles worth reading

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Who is Joshua Bonehill?

Bonehill made a video last year where he said he was a fraud. Unfortunately, the video is gone, but he made a post which has been archived where he talked about it.

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“We were told that non-Jews are like cattle”

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