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From a Daily Stormer comment (via The End of Zion):

Jews see themselves as superior, exalted beings. In their minds, they are morally unimpeachable, uniquely admirable, superior to all others in every way. And the natural order of things, in this Jewish worldview, is for the entire world to accept this idea, not only without questioning it, but without even noticing it. To accept the idea of Jewish supremacy the way we accept gravity or the weather.

This is, of course, the natural consequence of their idea that the Goyim are beasts of burden, born to serve the Jews. Obviously, to us, this idea is abhorrent, but to a Jew, I’m not sure much outright malice is involved. They truly believe that they possess the Divine right of kings, and the remainder of Earth’s people are their subjects. It’s not something they have to think about; rather, it is so deeply ingrained in Jewish thought that it is simply an unconscious, reflexive reality for them. It’s “the way things are.”

So, for a Jew, any criticism, or questioning, or any randomly motivated negative action against even one of them, is in a sense, an act of insurrection. How dare the Goyim refuse to recognize their “rightful” place as the eternal servants of the divine Jews? It doesn’t matter what “complaints” the stupid Goyim believe they have; at the end of the day, they are the subjects, Jews are their superiors in all ways, and that’s that.

If Jews explained it in this manner, what do you suppose the world’s response would be? Instead, they simply shout “anti-semitism!” Because most of the world is ignorant of this deeper dynamic, they think an “anti-semite” is a person who hates Jews. But in reality, calling someone an “anti-semite” is a way of marking that person as someone the Jews ought to hate, as an enemy of ALL Jewish people, someone who potentially poses a threat to Jewish supremacy. The average non-redpilled goy, hearing about “anti-semitism”, thinks, “haven’t the Jews suffered enough?” The average Jew thinks, “that person should be killed.”

American writer Joseph Sobran noted that “an anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”

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