Jewish politician wants to exterminate the European race

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The Opium Wars

Also see The Jewish rotting of China

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Occidental Observer jumps the shark

We have written before about James O’Meara, a crossdressing sodomite who writes at White nationalist site Counter-Currents.

Unfortunately, it seems the GRIDS was not contained at Counter-Currents, and The Occidental Observer, which used to be a good site for White nationalism, has decided to publish an article by O’Meara where O’Meara denigrates family values (which he puts in scare quotes) and traditional European morality, claiming that “homophobia” (a term coined by a Jew) and intolerance of sexual degeneracy is “Jewish”, and furthermore, that sodomites like him are a “natural elite of the Aryan peoples” without which “no White society could thrive”.

It is highly surprising and troubling that TOO would publish this filth, and that its editors would want to have anything to do with James O’Meara.

If they are at all concerned about their site’s image, they should delete the article and apologize for this terrible mistake.

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