Jared Taylor and Fred Reed

After Jared Taylor was recently attacked in the media by someone with the suspicious name Robert Sussman, Taylor’s friend Fred Reed, who is married to a Mexican woman with Jewish ancestry, wrote a piece defending him on Amren’s website. He defensively goes into some detail about how non-racist Taylor is. I would like to focus your attention on the following passages:

Jared, as I would later learn, had often and on the record expressed his belief in the superiority of North Asians.

One thing he categorically is not is anti-Jewish. [...] He is a proponent of White European civilization, to which Jews have been major contributors.

Taylor believes Asians are superior to Whites, and that Jews have been “major contributors to White European civilization” in a positive way. The race-mixer Reed, too, is a philosemite. Oddly, he at times – in the typical Jewish manner – claims Jews are “White”, but at other times distinguishes Jews from Whites in order to be able to claim the former group is superior to, or persecuted by, the latter.

Whatever Taylor and Reed are, they are not White nationalists or anything like it.

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Putin: “Europe has lost its ‘vaccine’ against Nazism”

putin menorah 300x266 Putin: Europe has lost its vaccine against Nazism

From Moscow Times:

President Vladimir Putin has expressed concerns about what he described as the rise of neo-Nazism in Europe, telling a Serbian publication that it was Russia’s duty to oppose fascism.

Putin’s comments, made to Serbia’s Politics magazine, came shortly before the Russian president was set to arrive in Belgrade to take part in events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the city’s liberation from Nazi Germany on Thursday.

“Unfortunately, the ‘vaccine’ for the Nazi virus that was developed at the [post-war] Nuremburg trials has lost its power in certain countries of Europe. A clear example of this is the open manifestations of neo-Nazism that has become commonplace in Latvia and other Baltic countries,” Putin was cited as saying in the interview by RIA Novosti.

“The situation in Ukraine provokes particular concern in this regard; the anti-constitutional rebellion that took place in February was driven by nationalist forces and other radical groups,” Putin added.

Although the interview with Politics not set to be published until Thursday, Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti offered some tidbits of Putin’s comments in advance.

“It is our duty today to oppose the glorification of Nazism,” Putin said. “To firmly resist attempts to change the outcome of World War II. To consistently combat all forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism.”

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Sarkozy promotes race-mixing

Nicolas Sarkozy, the part-Jewish former president of France, writes on Twitter: “miscegenation enriches society – inbreeding [sic] kills.”

sarkozy Sarkozy promotes race mixing

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